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Relation Between Souls, Pinds, Rebirth & Attaining Moksha


Hindus strongly believe that spirits of the dead hover around without getting salvation till Pind Daan offering is made to them. With the offering made as a part of the process called 'shraddha,'  (Shradh, Shraadh) Pitru Paksha (16-lunar day period as per Hindu calendar) is considered as an important occasion for providing salvation to deceased souls. Once it is performed, souls are satisfied and attain salvation (moksha). With these days falling generally in the month of September every year, the ritual is mainly based on making food offerings for the departed souls that allow souls of their ancestors to be freed from the cycle of birth and death.


The two different types of pujas that can be offered at all the following places include:


  • Dev Pujas - Worship for pleasure to God
  • Pitri Pujas - Worship for pleasure to Ancestors

 Some of the common rituals performed include:

  • TriPindi & Narayan Bali Shradh: For family where there has occurred accidental death and the deceased person has departed without completing his/her normal life span on Earth
  • Pitambara & Baglamukhi Pooja: For getting rid of and defeating enemies, winning judgment of court and for self protection from certain dangers
  • Shri Lakshmi Sahastracharn Pooja: For attaining prosperity, wealth & affluence in family
  • Nav Grah Shanti Pooja: To remain untouched by any malefic effects of planets of solar system
  • Vinayak Shanti Pooja: To get rid of serious diseases like those related to Heart, lungs like T.B. and impotency. The puja is also helpful for defeating the enemies


Apart from these, some of the other ancestor rituals  (Shradh, Shraadh) performed include: 

  • Panchak Shanti Karma
  • Pinda Daan
  • Tarpan
  • Annual Shradh or Shradh in Pitri Paksh
  • Pitri Shanti
  • Mool Nakshatra Shanti