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Our Service Advantage – A Dedicated Online Remembrance Platform

Online obituary page has emerged as a beautiful expression to honor the memory of the deceased family member. Further, it also allows the family members who live at great distances to join together online to grieve the demise of the family member. Though a free obituary message can be placed anywhere (with many free space sites including social networking sites like Facebook available on the web), people prefer dedicated online obituary space that allows more personalized and secure surroundings for the page created in remembrance of the loved ones.

Our expertise in offering pages containing photos of cherished memories with written biography of the deceased indeed help in bringing to life all the achievements, love, happiness and joy shared by the departed souls. Some of the strong service features that come from our end include:

  • The space provided is Ad free as we strongly believe in pursuing a no ad policy on all memorial pages
  • One time annual payment with option of free updates as desired by the family members
  • All write-ups of deceased family members are written by professional writers (strictly as per the inputs provided by the family members with a creative touch) and are categorized under different stages/heads by visuals to add a feeling of closeness as well as correctly and strongly signifying the importance of the loved ones in their life
  • Option of promoting a charity or special interest event in remembrance of the deceased souls

Some of the other advantages of the dedicated online obituary pages offered by us include:

  • These dedicated spaces allow presentation of whole text and images of the deceased family member in a systematic manner that helps in providing the viewer a chronological account briefing the life of the deceased
  • These dedicated obituary pages allow option of adding many pictures taken at different stages of life along with the write-up/biography also helps in stimulating remembrance of the person among the viewers
  • These dedicated online obituary pages allow inclusion of tributes from friends and family that honor the memory of the departed ones, thus helping in mentally and emotionally easing the nerves of the family members of the deceased

Our Other Associated Service Advantages

Our professional yet emotional attachment with the grieving family members is based on our capability to offer a comprehensive range of online death-care services right from simple death notices to highly customized and everlasting online memorial tributes. We also have with us friendly support staff who are very understanding and willing to assist family members with any of their concerns/queries they have regarding the nature of services and advantages offered.

Further, as the online obituary page option offered by us has more option of space, the family can utilize the same in highlighting the life of the deceased as well as his/her significant achievements made during the lifetime when they shared spaces with their family members. Some of the other advantages of the online obituary space offered by us include:


Fully Loaded Yearly Payment Plans: Included in the yearly payment, we offer the grieved family support of performing remembrance puja/shanti path on their yearly birthdays and death anniversary date at popular religious site of Haridwar, Pushkar and Mathura

Private Vs Public Listing: The online remembrance ad can be placed under option of public or private listing (viewable to all or viewable to selected close friends or family members)

Obituary page having Mix of Multimedia: The online remembrance ad can have a nice mixture of photos, text write-up and other multimedia options that are not possible in print write-ups of newspapers

Guest Book Support for Condolences/Last Paid Respects: Online obituary services offer both family and friends of the grieving family support of guest book and condolence flower delivery service with just a click of a button

Chat Service Option: Option of chat service for all the registered and family approved members who visit the space

Annual Remembrance E-mails To Family & Friends: Option of annual remembrance emails to family members and friends for the deceased soul, thus ensuring the memory of your loved one is kept alive in minds of family and friends forever