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Online Obituaries

At one time when technology was still developing, it was difficult to comprehend mornings without presence of newspaper complete with its fresh news of happenings around the world. Today's world has drastically changed. With rise in technology, the news and happenings are instantly visible to the vast majority of people having access to the digital medium called internet. This digital technology has grown from a luxury of cities to a easily available option even in remote and not so well connected places around the world.

With the change in guard, the obituary service that had only option of print medium is slowly but surely rising to the popularity of digital obituaries. Many advantages including added features and cheaper price with best options also makes these digital obituaries more and more preferred with the each passing day.

There are several advantages of online/digital obituary services. These include:

+ Size Matter Viewing Space: The amount of matter viewing space available is one of the prime features that online obituaries have over printed obituaries in newspapers

More Striking Options: Other advantage is that online obituary remembrance and message page has more options to add finer/customized look to the death message other than going for pre-defined template options in news paper print ads

Less Costly: The publishing cost of a print obituary in news paper (denoted in per sq cm of space) is much higher when compared to the options available in online obituary space

Option of Page Updates As & When Required: As the obituary published in news paper is in print form, once it is published it cannot be updated or changed which is not a problem/issue in digital obituaries that can be updated more often as desired by the family members

More Efficient Information Viewing Process: Opting for online obituary service allows family members to filter content and make information viewing by family and friends more comfortable and an efficient process

Larger Space for Expressing Grief: Online obituaries come with option of creating unique information services including larger available space for expressing grief and sentiments in words than print newspaper options where one has to be careful regarding use of words as each increase in sq cm of space also increases the cost of obituary substantially for the grieving family

All Information Available at Click of a Button: With all the uploaded information available with the click of a button, there is no need to search the archive of online versions of news papers to read what was printed in remembrance of your loved one just for a day!! (In newspaper archive also, there are defined number of days during which only the obituary message will remain to be viewed)

Delivery of More Information: Online Obituary option allows delivery of more information in each of the remembrance pages than in their print counterparts

Increased Interactivity between Family Members: Another benefit of Online Obituary option is increased interactivity. Here, not only close relatives and friends can be informed of the tragic news immediately, but also has the space for information like date and time of death, funeral plans and process of contacting deceased's family members through online condolence platform  and share their grief

Advantage - Online Obituary Pages Vs Newspaper Obituary Ads

The publishing of Obituaries in form of on-line ads is slowly but steadily changing as the preferred option in the 21st century. Coming up to the rescue due to issues faced by grieving family members like lack of interaction in print newspaper obituaries, the high popularity and steadily growing use of online memorial service is spreading far and wide globally. This fact has turned to be especially true with the new and more user friendly technology becoming more accessible to one and many around the globe.

Some of the differences between Newspaper ad and online memorial include:


Online Obituary Pages

Obituary Ads In Print Newspapers

Annual one-time payment with 24x7x365 day support

One day viewing of the newspaper ad (region specific as all India print options cost many times over and then there is no provision of informing the relatives/friends who live overseas other than buy telephone, thus losing the very essence of placing the obituary ad)

Free update option of information

Once newspaper ad goes for print, family members cannot make any last minute changes/additions

Online obituary pages have option of both public or private viewing option thus putting the option in hands of family members of restricting viewership

Newspaper ads can be viewed by anybody who have purchased the paper, thus losing out on front of privacy of the highly emotional remembrance message from the family members

Option of full biography written very creatively touching all highlights of the person's journey

Only a selected few lines can be used for print obituary in newspapers as with an increase in per sq cm cost, the overall costing of the obituary ad increases substantially

Option of building family tree in remembrance page

Not possible in print newspaper medium for middle class due to high prohibitive costs

24x7x365 day online guest book option

Provided by e-option of newspapers only for selected obituaries and that too for just a day on rotation basis

Option of booking and sending remembrance flowers with just a click of a button

Option not available in print version of obituary message in newspaper

Allowing visitors to post sympathy messages

Provided by e-option of newspapers only for selected obituaries and that too for just a day on rotation basis

Online chat option to connect with family and friends at time of grief

Not possible in printed newspaper obituaries

Setting up of life time-line through creative write-up and addition of pictures

Not possible in print newspaper medium for middle class due to high prohibitive costs

Option of promoting a charity or special event on the same page

Require separate booking of obituary ad that means more burden of shared costs among family members


Other Reasons Favoring Online Obituaries

The platform of online obituary can be easily shared with family and friends around the world unlike the remembrance messages posted in newspapers that are limited to local specified area. Further, the online obituary platform provides grieving family members an opportunity to talk of achievements and memories of the departed.

Some of the other reasons of why people should go for creating obituaries on-line include:

  • The overall appearance of the obituary ad placed online can be tweaked as per your desires that is not possible with limitations in print ads, thus gaining on finished looks in terms of choice of colors, font styles
  • The grieving family members can post the URL of the page through various means like emails, social networking sites like Facebook and others so as to inform family and friends of the developments
  • These are easy to create as you just need to pass on the required information to you and leave the rest on our rich experience to provide maximum effectiveness to the remembrance message
  • These are easy to access for all people who were in contact with the departed soul but are not able to attend the particular immediate ceremony because of unavoidable commitments to post their sympathy messages
  • With the option of both public and private viewing, the grieving family can restrict the access of the page to the chosen few
  • No one can misuse the Online obituary message as it is completely secure in comparison of printed newspaper obituaries that after the end of expiry date of newspaper can end up on areas like trash cans, being trampled with on roads or other misuse of paper while it still contained their beloved photos and messages
  • Online obituaries are more interactive than their printed versions in newspapers
  • Online obituary messages are visible 24x7x365 days in comparison to obituaries printed in traditional newspaper format that are visible just for a single day

Why Opt for Paid Obituary Sites

The online tributes paid on obituary pages offer option of permanency for even future generations to understand and know about their loved and respected ancestors. Further, it will also be not wrong to say that by building a memorial site for your loved ones also helps in easing the grieving of the left behind family members on an emotional quotient. Some of the disadvantages of free Obituary Sites & advantages of Paid Obituary sites include:

Disadvantages - Free Obituary Sites:

Free obituary memory pages are a den of displayed ads (as these sites make their money from advertisement), thus taking away the seriousness of the message from the page. Some of the other disadvantages of sites offering free web pages for hosting of remembrance pages include:

  • Limited storage and features
  • No option of adding photos/multimedia option
  • Quality of photos accepted is of low-resolution thus resulting in poor viewing experience
  • Does not provide customized changes to the page

Advantages - Paid Obituary memorial sites:

Unlike in free obituary memorial web pages, the paid obituary pages are visually more attractive yet remaining apt to the displayed message sentiments. Some of the advantages of paid obituary pages include:

  • Paid obituary pages have bigger spaces to upload the biographies/obituaries that may include high quality photos and other multimedia choices
  • By just spending a part of money earned in remembrance of is worth it as this step helps in making handling of the memorial page in a highly professional yet personalized manner to provide the necessary cushion to the family members of the departed souls
  • Paid obituary pages allow not only you to have a say in the displayed remembrance message in exact manner as you want it, but at the same time it also allows the relatives and friends of departed to contribute to the displayed memorial/remembrance page
  • Another benefit of paid obituary memorial is its chances of remaining online permanently more than in comparison to the free websites who may change their web theme or layout plan
  • Paid obituary spaces allows grieving family members a more reliable way to express their grief as well as at the same time also share their love & affection for the departed soul
  • The presence of online obituary platform allows grieving family members and associated friends a centralized and stable connection to share their grief towards the departed family member
  • Online obituary pages allow family members to create a page that truly reflects the personality of the deceased. Further, these can also be updated as and when desired
  • Providing viewing option to private/public, thus restricting access wherever required
  • Online obituary pages allow people living at distant places to join in the grieving of the family
  • It also allows people who cannot attend the ceremony to pay his/her last respects to the departed soul through guest column option in the page


Our Service Advantage – A Dedicated Online Remembrance Platform

Online obituary page has emerged as a beautiful expression to honor the memory of the deceased family member. Further, it also allows the family members who live at great distances to join together online to grieve the demise of the family member. Though a free obituary message can be placed anywhere (with many free space sites including social networking sites like Facebook available on the web), people prefer dedicated online obituary space that allows more personalized and secure surroundings for the page created in remembrance of the loved ones.

Our expertise in offering pages containing photos of cherished memories with written biography of the deceased indeed help in bringing to life all the achievements, love, happiness and joy shared by the departed souls. Some of the strong service features that come from our end include:

  • The space provided is Ad free as we strongly believe in pursuing a no ad policy on all memorial pages
  • One time annual payment with option of free updates as desired by the family members
  • All write-ups of deceased family members are written by professional writers (strictly as per the inputs provided by the family members with a creative touch) and are categorized under different stages/heads by visuals to add a feeling of closeness as well as correctly and strongly signifying the importance of the loved ones in their life
  • Option of promoting a charity or special interest event in remembrance of the deceased souls

Some of the other advantages of the dedicated online obituary pages offered by us include:

  • These dedicated spaces allow presentation of whole text and images of the deceased family member in a systematic manner that helps in providing the viewer a chronological account briefing the life of the deceased
  • These dedicated obituary pages allow option of adding many pictures taken at different stages of life along with the write-up/biography also helps in stimulating remembrance of the person among the viewers
  • These dedicated online obituary pages allow inclusion of tributes from friends and family that honor the memory of the departed ones, thus helping in mentally and emotionally easing the nerves of the family members of the deceased

Our Other Associated Service Advantages

Our professional yet emotional attachment with the grieving family members is based on our capability to offer a comprehensive range of online death-care services right from simple death notices to highly customized and everlasting online memorial tributes. We also have with us friendly support staff who are very understanding and willing to assist family members with any of their concerns/queries they have regarding the nature of services and advantages offered.

Further, as the online obituary page option offered by us has more option of space, the family can utilize the same in highlighting the life of the deceased as well as his/her significant achievements made during the lifetime when they shared spaces with their family members. Some of the other advantages of the online obituary space offered by us include:


Fully Loaded Yearly Payment Plans: Included in the yearly payment, we offer the grieved family support of performing remembrance puja/shanti path on their yearly birthdays and death anniversary date at popular religious site of Haridwar, Pushkar and Mathura

Private Vs Public Listing: The online remembrance ad can be placed under option of public or private listing (viewable to all or viewable to selected close friends or family members)

Obituary page having Mix of Multimedia: The online remembrance ad can have a nice mixture of photos, text write-up and other multimedia options that are not possible in print write-ups of newspapers

Guest Book Support for Condolences/Last Paid Respects: Online obituary services offer both family and friends of the grieving family support of guest book and condolence flower delivery service with just a click of a button

Chat Service Option: Option of chat service for all the registered and family approved members who visit the space

Annual Remembrance E-mails To Family & Friends: Option of annual remembrance emails to family members and friends for the deceased soul, thus ensuring the memory of your loved one is kept alive in minds of family and friends forever