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Mr Lalit Suri - I Did It MY WAY...

A self made man with extremely focused rock solid approach, he was born on the 19th of November 1946, at Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Known by the name ‘Gittu’ among the loved ones, he used to clinch his palms as remembered by the close family members. This probably was way of showing his unspoken determination right from the very start to do something notable in the later stages of his life.

Having a bright spark and boundless energy right from his schooling days that separated his dynamic extrovert personality from the rest, his formal education years from reputed institutions like St. Columbus, Delhi; St. Georges and Sri Ram College of Commerce were followed by a degree in Automobile Engineering from England. All these intensive years of learning taught him well of the core fundamental principles that he was going to soon apply in the real world. 

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Doing Things His Style, His Way -

Lalit liked doing things his style, his way. An achiever who correctly gauged the potential in the hospitality business, he well understood that Tourism was going to be the biggest in things for the time to come. Starting young and starting well, he was able to lay a strong and deep foundation in this business arena with mammoth 555 room luxury hotel ‘The Lalit’ established in the heart of Delhi – Connaught place.

His gift for bringing different people together & making long lasting partnerships also helped him greatly in his expansion plans in the Hospitality sector. This resulted in the coming years seeing great properties constructed from scratch, getting retouched and renovated around India under the fast emerging brand name ‘The Lalit.’

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Getting Started -

Getting married to Jyoti on the 11th of Oct 1973, his love for the country, his ailing parents and the Automobile sector saw him come back and design Automobile bodies and later on develop Car Ac’s for Maruti. His love for his children also made him design a car 'Divya 1,' a name that connected well with his eldest daughter. 

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Taking His Share of Risks -

What are the charms of life without its portions of risks? As a person who loved taking challenges and its share of risks, one of his decisions of going for a property in Kashmir at height of militancy made many close associates confide in him that this was a proposition that spelt loss from all angles. To this, he thoughtfully replied "I would love to be a looser for the nation. I am going to take this risk as Kashmir is part of India." This showed both his patriotism for the country as well as his keen acumen to judge the writings on the pages that were still a part of the distant future.

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The Fighter in Him -

An excellent judge of present circumstances and futuristic scenarios, if he knew something was good for him; he was willing to pursue it for whatever it takes. This daring and risk taking attitude and his war cry ‘Tension lena ka nahi.. Dena Ka...’ made him the man whom people started recognizing as ‘The Lalit,’ a man bearing silent footsteps and deadly accuracy while going for a kill.

Called by many who knew him closely as a ‘Glossy Ambassador’ of his business empire, his great fighting spirit, charismatic personality and sound infrastructure support also helped him carve a win and pull out all the trouble corks on the way. A passionate business player rightly down to the core, he thoroughly enjoyed his success in exactly the way he wanted; “The record shows, I took the blows and did it my way.”

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A Person of His Heart -

As a man of great style, Lalit was also a great socialite and had it all, needed to mesmerize friends & family at lavish parties. Having turned vegetarian after an early life scare in the year 1991, he still found time, will and heart to pursue his favorites, be is having Golgappas from Bengali market or pursuing habit of early morning golf and a walk in the park. 

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Change of Guards -

With Jyoti actively taking a part in his business, Lalit now finally had the time to weave off the businessman in him. To nobody’s surprise, what was left was a complete family man, a doting father of Keshav, Divya, Shradha and Deekhsha and a responsible member of the joint family. 

Giving Back to Society -

Lalit now also found time to devote to art and his desire of giving back to the society. His active participation in issues like War widow cause or providing free Ambulance services for people in Uttar Pradesh showed his keenness to reach out to the people in each and every possible way. 

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His Last Visit -

Other than the passion for all good things in life and penchant for fancy cars & watches, London had always remained for him a place close to his heart. Even destiny knew it as it went completely with the wishes of a person who ‘loved things doing his way’ by choosing the place as his last farewell point to now enjoy limitless hospitality of the Gods.

Lalit, a loving family man and a great futuristic businessman left for heavenly abode on the night of October 10-11, 2006. Right till his last breath he indeed did things his way, fighting for a win and for glory as the sky parted to take back his soul that had blessed many and given smiles of happiness to one and all who knew the same person by different names, Gittu, Lalit and Mr. Lalit Suri.