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Importance of Pind Daan  (Shradh, Shraadh) & Blessings of Ancestors


As per Vedas no work can be successfully performed without blessings of ancestors. As the only religious and spiritual process that helps in bringing peace to the restless deceased souls, Pind Daan, that is also searched by the names of Pind Daan, Pind Dan, Pind Dan in India,  Pind Dan at Gaya, Pind Dan as per Hinduism,  Pind Daan in Haridwar, Pind Daan at Badrinath, Pind Daan at Ganga.


Some of the derived benefits from Pind Daan  (Shradh, Shraadh) include:


  • Making smooth the obstacles coming in the life of family of deceased
  • Delivering sudden and quick positive changes that can be observed in the life of the family members of the deceased


Though Pind Daan can be performed at any of the banks of Holy River “Ganga” but the religious importance of performing Pind Daan  lies at places like -


  • Gaya
  • Varanasi
  • Kashi
  • Allahabad Sangam
  • Badrinath